Pink autism
The 1st Regional Autism Conference “Autism: Understanding Beyond Difference”, Oman, Muscat, 24-26 January 2020

Pink autism Research has shown that 5 million people in Europe may have autism. In many people, diagnosis is difficult, but for women, autism is often overlooked or delayed

There is an accepted belief that autism in boys and men is five times higher than girls and women. Recent research, however, has shown that girls and women are more likely to be in the autism spectrum than previously thought
The Autism Pink project is an innovative partnership between the European Union and four European Autism-related organizations that is being set up to conduct research on women’s autism
The program addresses the prevalence of autism among women in participating countries and assesses the definitions and needs of women with autism to help support and educate autistic women and girls, as well as carers and their teachers in social care
In this project, by organizing workshops to help inform about the development of a new learning approach, women with autism train skills to address issues such as health, standard of living and personal relationships that can be challenging for them. See you
Phase II of the project
The second phase of the Autism Pink project is known as the “autism-back” mask
Autism behind the mask: A follow up of English women who previously participated in the pink autistic project. This project is funded by the John and Lorena Foundation Foundation