The sixty-sixth Summit of Health Ministers of WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region is a good opportunity for regional countries to work together on health issues

Autism Assessment Program for Children of Iranshahr
Training workshop for Airlines Staff

According to the public relations department of Iran Autism Association, on 15 October 2019, the sixty-sixth Summit of Health Ministers was host to President, Dr. Hasan Rouhani, Minister of Health and his deputies and a number of Parliament members.
We had a short opportunity to consult with Dr. Pezeshkian and Dr. Abedi, members of the Health Commission and made an appointment for the following week.
We also spoke to Dr. Basir, UNICEF Representative, and made an appointment with Dr. Jan Babaei, the deputy minister of Health and Medical Education, who put emphasis on the effectiveness of the activities performed in the field of autism.
Mrs. Gity Khamene, the former presenter of the children’s TV program, was presenter at Summit and expressed her desire to visit the Association.
We also conducted two interviews with the heads of the two departments of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who are responsible for NGO activities. They knew the autism Association and were ready to cooperate with its activities.