A special birthday party for children born in autumn
Presence of Iran Autism Association at 53rd meeting of the Iranian National Committee of Sport and Physical Education

Pre-program preparations:

  • Designing poster
  • Designing invitation card
  • Designing badge

Recitation of Holy Quran and National Anthem (by People with Autism Disorder)

Demands of Welfare Organization, stated  by representatives from different provinces of Iran

Subject: Demands of the State Welfare Organization of Iran

  • Discharging children over14 years of age from welfare centers ( autism type)  : 2  1-  Reforming the law  2- Communication with centers
  • Establishment of a sample model center for other centers
  • the number of people trained in each Classshould be 3-5 persons
  • Absence of permits in free zones
  • For obtaining permit in the free zone, we need correspondence with Tehran and the province is not responsible
  • Guardianship of children is determined by Father

Subject: Demands of the State Welfare Organization of Iran

Miss Khayyam – Kashan

  • Early detection and screening– presence of  Welfare Organization in kindergartens
  • Absence of autism expert in the centers
  • Incoherence of assessments in welfare organizations and education centers
  • Health subsidy is not allocated to centers(specific diseases). Autism is one of the specific diseases, but subsidy for this disease is only allocated   to medication.
  • license for children over18 years – after the family


Mr. Gheysarnejad – Rasht


  • the plan of informal caregivers) right nursing for mothers) should be implemented in the country
  • Khatam Plan should be modified and simplified.
  • Construction of Welfare Organizations centers should be completed
  • There are no appropriate middle schools for children with autism spectrum disorders


Ms. Dehnavi – Zanjan


  • There are no specialized centers for autistic children for purposes such as dentistry anesthesia.
  • Subsidies for children in homes and centers
  • Inadequate survey methodology (in statistics) in welfare centers and inadequacy of centers’ information in identifying autism spectrum disorder


  • Establishing centers for people over14 years of age, especially for autism  type 3


Mr. Mohammadi – Saqqez- Kurdistan

  • License of welfare organization should be issued in legal form.
  • Article139 regarding Taxes on charitable donations is not implemented.
  • Implementation of supplementary insurance for dentistry
  • Implementation of the law related to job protection for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Dedication of special billboards to Autism (by City Council)
  • Production of TV and radio programs regarding severe autism disorder and its problems
  • Negotiation with insurance organizations for covering the costs of occupational and speech therapy

Mr. Nezam – Representative of Birjand

  • Lack of specialized rehabilitation staff in special schools
  • Provision of accident insurance for children with autism spectrum==> Hami Insurance Company provides accidence insurance for autistic children
  • Awareness-raising about the residence of families with autistic children
  • Awareness-raising and identifying the people with autism disorder
  • Psychiatry departments of hospitals have not the capacities to treat the children with autism
  • Special schools for children with autism spectrum should prepare the appropriate conditions to meet the needs of autistic children
  • Provision of special sport facilities for autistic children
  • park especially for kids the whole3 Autism
  • provision of electronic bracelets for children
  • NAJA (Disciplinary Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran) staff must be familiarized with autism spectrum disorders
  • Government centers should recognize autism spectrum identification card
  • Advice to parents under the control of the psychological system, including discounts
  • Providing discount for counseling families under the auspices of Psychology and Counseling Organization
  • Recreational and cultural services to parents with autistic children


Issues raised by Mrs. Seyyed, head of the Rehabilitation Centers Group:

Screening:  This process is performed in online form in all cities and towns with or without welfare organization.  A member of family fills the online form, by answering ten questions and based on the answers, family is sent to the welfare organizations and an interview is conducted for further examination. Based on the interview, the family enters diagnosis phase, in which GARS test is used.

Homogenization and overlap of diagnostic tests


Until two years of age, child should be evaluated by tests of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.   From two to six years, a child is evaluated by Welfare Organization through GARS test, which is made appropriate according to the Iranian culture.  After 6 years of age, the Ministry of Education starts its work. There is currently coordination between these three bodies, and people receive appropriate services in any age range.

At present, much attention has been paid to art, art therapy, and sports in Welfare Organization.

Instructions are being written for boarding schools for specific cases.

People with autism receive service from Welfare Organization  until the age of 15 and for older children, we are seriously pursuing discussions regarding  jobs and vocational training centers .

There is no dedicated budget for autism in governmental budget, and autism is categorized as a mental illness.

There are three ways to check the presence of children:

  • By taking a photo and uploading it
  • Through usdd code :  getting the code and informing the center of code
  • Sending the child code to Welfare organization Document


Presentation of Dr. Saghaei) Consultant in the field of Strategy (

Investigating the Process of Improvement in Iranian Autism Association:

  • Examine the processes of Association and the tasks involved in each process
  • How does the Association work and what services should be provided by the Association?
  • Using the practices of similar organizations and their actions
  • Examining the list of prepared actions

Day 2
Explanation regarding completing the file

On the second day of the meeting, the panel focused on the joint projects which could be implemented in cooperation with Iran Autism Association.  The proposed projects focused on raising awareness in society and empowerment of families.



  • Organizing 5 to8 needs assessment workshops in different provinces with native lecturer
  • family-based empowermentworkshops

Telephone counseling, help line

  • Structural,scientific
  • 24 -hour counseling in the field of work/ speech / behavior/ experienced parent
  • Sama
  • physical health of mothers of autism families


check up

  • Checkups for dental, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical examinations for people with autism


World Autism Awareness Day


On the second day of the session, a panel was devoted to the plans and actions of the World Autism Awareness Day.

It was suggested that we should identify our main target audience and properly train the facilitators.


Who is the target audience?

  • Families
  • Officials
  • Student
  • Academics
  • Scientific associations
  • guilds
  • Clergies, artists and…


What kinds of contents are appropriate?

  • Definition of Autism
  • Early diagnosis
  • Statistics
  • Successful autistic people
  • People’s attitude toward autistic persons
  • behavioral symptoms
  • how to treat autistic people

What locations are suitable for these contents?
( suggestions presented by the audience)

  • media
  • Kindergartens
  • Physicians ‘clinics
  • Health Centers
  • Neighborhood House
  • Cultural centers
  • intercity buses
  • Subway spaces
  • Urban Billboards
  • Banners

Strengths points:

  • Cooperation of staff and presence at seminar
  • Presence of a good facilitator
  • Seminar was organized at a high-level of quality
  • presence of autistic people in Seminar
  • Accurate and comprehensive presentation of Association regarding autism
  • Cooperation of participants in achieving comprehensive demands on autism
  • good location
  • good reception
  • appropriate accommodation


  • Inappropriate time:(Weather – Inappropriate conditions of the country – Internet  restriction)
  • Officials of the Welfare organization and educationdepartment did not attend the seminar.
  • sudden decisions regarding the subjects and type of seminar
  • Weakness in time management
  • There was no session’s secretary
  • Inconsistencies before beginning of the seminar
  • incorrect selection of applicants


  • Expressions of demands
  • Promotion of familiarity and empathy
  • Raising awareness on autism
  • Recognizing the potential of people
  • New Sponsors Network (National Olympic Committee – Raftari Restaurant)



  • Preparing the online pathology form
  • Exact planning before the seminar
  • Selection of a project manager and clear description of the task: individuals are required obey the project manager.
  • Maintaining the results and achievements and enhancing them by specifying operational strategies
  • quarterly meeting,March ) Project Manager Ms. Mohajeri)
  • Initiation of educational projects ,coordination (Project Manager: Ms. Soltanifar)
  • Visiting Saqqez and South Khorasan )coordination of officials and families)