Briefing on COVID-19 Remarks by the President of the Economic and Social Council H. E. Ambassador Mona Juul 27 March 2020
Autism Telephone counseling System

The Education, Research and Rehabilitation Department of Iran Autism Association organized the following online workshops for parents:
Workshop on the Importance and method of setting autistic children’s daily plan
Workshop on Parent-child games
Workshop on Happiness with autism
Training Workshop on the study of sleep problems in children with autism
Workshop on Eating Skills
Workshop on the skill of using the bathroom and toilet

A workshop on the “Importance and method of setting autistic children’s daily plan” was organized by the Education, Research and Rehabilitation department of Iran Autism Association. Dr. Hashem Farhangdoost (PhD in Neuroscience and Member of the Scientific Council of Iran Autism Association) was facilitator of the workshop. This free workshop was held online for parents on 14 April 2020, at 11:30 AM.