Instagram live on Autism and hope

Measures taken by Iran Autism Association to fight coronavirus
Coronavirus and children’s mental health

Instagram live on Autism and hope was held on 10 April 2020. This program included conversation with talented autistic people, including Shahriar Faramarzi, an artist and horsemen, Touraj Sohrabi, an artist and typist, and Seyyedeh Bahar Hashemi, a talented teenager. The aim of the program was to show that talents of people with autism can flourish and they can make progress in the society.

Launching Autism Telephone counseling System by the telephone number of 48085
Autism Telephone counseling System was launched for the first time in Iran Autism Association.
Along with the World Autism Month, the telephone number of 48085 was dedicated to Autism Telephone counseling System and “Autism Helpline “ was launched by Iran Autism Association on 8 April 2020.
On the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Week, Instagram page of Iran Autism Association asked the families to ask their questions about autism by calling 48085.