Coronavirus and children’s mental health

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Considering the Coronavirus epidemic and the psychological stress caused by that, we suggest the following solutions to reduce and control the stress of the family and children:
Stress means the reaction to environmental pressures and our difficulty in handling the pressures. Some external factors, such as family problem, disease of members of the family, school stress, difficulty in establishing relationships with friends and death of relatives can cause stress in a child.
The following tips help you reduce the stress of children:
Don’t speak about Coronavirus in presence of children.
Don’t talk about Coronavirus as a disastrous and uncontrollable disease.
Teach the children about Coronavirus and inform them of the tips and advices to protect themselves against Coronavirus.
Encourage your children to wash their hand through games, and tell them that they will be rewarded if they wash their hands correctly.
Don’t read the texts of cyberspace loudly in presence of the children; it may cause stress in children.
Stress is dangerous to the brain and the nervous system of a child; it can disrupt the secretion of dopamine and serotonin hormones, which lead to environmental fear.
If a child in affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder and thinks about Corona obsessively, the parents can help the child avoid disruptive thoughts by playing the game of popping balloon.
Avoid watching news or other TV programmes about Coronavirus in presence of the children.
Spend enough time for laughing and having fun with your children. Happiness and positive thinking play an important role in reducing children’s stress.
In the case of children with autism, cancel all the training and rehabilitation activities outside the home and in case of necessity all the training activities should be implemented at home.