Autism and home intervention

Coronavirus and children’s mental health
Unveiling of the joint projects of Iran Autism Association and Fanap Holding

Considering Coronavirus epidemic and closing of rehabilitation centers, clinics and schools, children and adolescents with autism spend more time at home, and families may encounter challenges about autism. The following tips help your children in absence of therapeutic interventions in home:

• Washing hands and face.
• Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and avoid using any kind of medicine advertised by any resource other than the Ministry of Health.
• Remember that you are helping your child as the therapist helper and facilitator of interventions not as the main therapist.
• If you can access therapists, (occupational therapist, speech therapist and behavior therapist) consult with them regarding what you can do at home.
• Don’t change the routine plan of your children (waking up, eating and sleeping)
• If your child insists on going out, show him training clips and explain in short and simple sentences the reasons of your decision. You can also suggest other activities instead of going out.