Launching the School of Transition into Adulthood for people with autism

Unveiling of the joint projects of Iran Autism Association and Fanap Holding
Cooperation of Iran Autism Association and Medical Emergency Organization

The head of the Education, Research and Rehabilitation department of Iran Autism Association spoke about launching the school of transition into adulthood for people with autism and said: “in this school, we teach the autistic people the skills and professions they need to live in the society.”

In an interview with ISNA, Sina Tavakoli said: “this year, UN’s theme for Autism Awareness Day was transition into adulthood. To commemorate the Autism Awareness Day, Iran Autism Association has defined 7 categories, including autism and society, autism and family, autism and officials, autism and adulthood, autism and the media, and so on, and some measures have been undertaken for each categories.”

“We have organized a series of workshops for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder (people over the age of 14) and their parents. These workshop focused on the themes related to communications and social interactions required for independent presence in the community, profession training, employment and adults’ ability to enter the labor market, legal issues and ownership, puberty and emotional issues, and familiarity with public transportation and traffic signs,” said Mr. Tavakoli.

He said: “53 non-governmental organizations are actively working in the field of autism. We have obtained the necessary information about the adults with autism from these organization, and since the beginning of June, we are organizing online workshops and webinar, and at the end of June, the same course will be held with the presence of autistic adolescents and adults in the form of a school called “school of transition into adulthood” for 4 weeks. Our classes last between 4 and 6 hours a day and are not just going to be held in a class, and issues related to transportation, metro, BRT, jobs, shopping in chain stores and… will be taught to people.”

Tavakoli continued: “At the end of this course, a ceremony will be held for the celebration of independence for these people, and after that, these people will enter the stage of vocational training based on their abilities.  At the same time, with the beginning of the vocational training course, we teach the experts of autism associations of other cities so that they can organize the same school in their own cities. “

He added: “some measures have been undertaken regarding the legal issues of people with autism spectrum disorders. Because legal issues are among the most important issues of adulthood and people with autism and their families should to be aware of legal issues.”

Tavakoli emphasized that these courses are completely free for people with autism and their families and said: “For more information, families can call 48085.”