Cooperation of Iran Autism Association and Medical Emergency Organization

Launching the School of Transition into Adulthood for people with autism
Meeting of the National Associations with the Head of the Prisons and Security and Corrective Measures Organization

on Monday, 22 June 2020, Saeedeh Saleh Ghaffari, Directing Manager of Iran Autism Association, in an interview with IRNA said: “in the meeting between Iran Autism Association and the Medical Emergency Organization, participants spoke about some topics which include identifying the telephone number of the persons or families with autism disorder in 115 emergency system, training the experts to communicate with autistic people, presence of the technician and team familiar with the admission and hospitalization of the persons with autism and appropriate conditions of ambulance.

She continued: “Iran Autism Association, by using its registry system and scientific council, can cooperate in preparing a training package with an emergency approach.”

Directing Manager of Iran Autism Association stated: “in the field of hospital emergency, Treatment department of the Ministry of Health can provide the necessary educational and treatment protocols in accordance with the needs of people with autism in cooperation with Association and the initial negotiations have been held in this regard.”

Ghaffari continued:  “staff working in pre-hospital and hospital emergency system is not familiar with autism, and we hope we can improve the situation.”

Regarding the increase of Coronavirus cases in people with autism, she said: “at the end of the last year, we did not have any case affected with corona among autistic people, but since June, only eight autistic people have had acute symptoms and it should be noted that these people cannot express their pain and nausea and in this case they are different from the rest of people. For example, recently, there have been reports about the delay in admission of autistic people with corona in medical centers. “