Meeting of the National Associations with the Head of the Prisons and Security and Corrective Measures Organization

Cooperation of Iran Autism Association and Medical Emergency Organization
Provision of Support Packages for Families with Autistic Members

In line with the meetings of the Social Affairs department of the Judiciary system with national associations, a meeting was held with the presence of the head of the Prisons Organization on Wednesday, 26 August. In this meeting, at first, a brief description of the activities of Organization was presented and then representatives presented their needs. Participants discussed the potentials of cooperation between the national associations and prisons organization in the form of providing counseling and psychology services and social work.  The requests of Iran Autism Association were submitted in written format, and it was decided that representatives of the prisons organization and autism association talk about the householders of autistic families who have been sentenced to prison for some reason and cooperation of NGOs in providing better conditions for prisoners in the future.