Meeting with the Social Affairs and Crime Prevention Department of the Judiciary System

Provision of Support Packages for Families with Autistic Members
District 2 of Tehran Municipality is pioneer in supporting people with autism

On 24 August, in a meeting between Iran Autism Association and the Social Affairs and Crime Prevention Department of the Judiciary System, the details of the common legal and judicial themes were discussed by the participants.

A case report was presented as a real example in the presence of the father of a family with autistic member. The presented case report was one of the recurring examples in the existing cases.

The practical suggestions proposed at the meeting are as follows:

1) Dedicating a special judicial branch to the judicial issues of the cases related to specific diseases and autism;

2) Hierarchical training of judges in monthly meetings to familiarize them with autism spectrum disorder and to promote understanding of the disease;

 3) Accelerating the pursuit of the demands of autism community from other governmental institutions to fulfill their rights;

4) Monitoring the cases which are complicated and their investigation is deviated from the realization of possible right; 5) Developing a single and coherent process which includes all the steps of a lawsuit- from the beginning of the petition to the verdict- by cooperation of Iran Autism Association and Judiciary System;