District 2 of Tehran Municipality is pioneer in supporting people with autism

Meeting with the Social Affairs and Crime Prevention Department of the Judiciary System

In a meeting with the president of Iran Autism Association, mayor of district 2 of Tehran Municipality said: “supporting people with autism and creating an urban space that meets their needs are important steps in fulfilling their urban rights”.

On 19 August 2020, a meeting was held with the presence of the deputies and managers of the district 2 and president of Iran Autism Association to review the strategies for creating an autism-friendly city.  In this meeting, Rasoul Keshtpour, mayor of district 2 of Tehran Municipality, said: “district 2 aims at fulfilling its social responsibility and fulfilling the slogan of “Tehran, a city for all”. This district is pioneer in creating the urban spaces that meet the needs of people with autism.”

Referring to the fact that children with autism spectrum disorder need special attention and services, he said: “municipality of district 2, in cooperation with Iran Autism Association, intends to prepare the necessary capacities to become an autism-friendly district. The construction of an autism park is one of the measures undertaken by the municipality. All children should have equal access to opportunities for play and recreation. In this regard, 118 square meters in phase two of Nahj al-Balagheh park has been allocated to the children with autism. ”

He continued: “district 2 is ready to cooperate with Autism Association in increasing recreational spaces and parks for children with autism. In order to support families, municipality of district 2 intends to allocate a building for the families of children with autism who come to Tehran for treatment.”

Regarding the cultural activities to make the citizens more familiar with autism, he said: “municipality of district 2 is ready to use the urban spaces for advertising and and can help in designing appropriate urban symbols.”