Iran Autism Association

Iran Autism Association

Iran Autism Association is an NGO which is established by professionals, experts, beneficiaries, people with autism and their families gathering in February 2013. Our association tries to be benefited by updated knowledge of the world and with emphasize on cooperation, honesty, transparency, voluntary and targeted activities with parents (who has children with autism) participation in order to give educational, consulting, vocational, diagnosis, rehabilitation , supporting and talent-spotting services by great awareness to provide an accurate condition toward autism acceptance and support to an accepted level in society which leads to their happiness , independence and welfare.


Main public affairs activities

  • Public awareness by media
  • Starting the overseas contacts to exchange the knowledge and information
  • Holding fund raising events

Our Vision

We hope to see all people in the society know autism spectrum disorder well and increase the quality life of individuals with autism and their families and help them to live in a society without other’s judgment.
Providing families with standard educational, supportive and rehabilitating services. Individuals who are also diagnosed by screening centers, are completely supported by insurance and can be accepted both in normal and special training centers by 1405.

Our programs

.The programs of Iran autism association has been announced on the international autism month
Iran autism association has announced its programs in 7 steps on the occasion of world autism month and according to the United Nations slogan which is “towards authority and self-determination”
The United Nations has named the second of April (the same time as the thirteen of Farvardin in Iran) as The World Autism Awareness Day and Iran Autism Association is proud of holding programs with courtesy of children with autism and their families on this day and other days, especially on such events, same as before

Main supporting & social services activities

  • Psychological and empowerment project for parents who have autistic children.
  • Screening and mental health project for parents who have autistic children.
  • Training and supporting project for Healthy siblings of autistic children.


  • Increasing awareness about autism spectrum in the society
  • Education and rehabilitation services for individuals with autism
  • Empowering services for families
  • Providing counseling and rehabilitating centers with general and specialized information and  service

Main educating & rehabilitating activities

  • Autism Check up
  • Helpline
  • Autism sport school
  • Socializing and citizenship school
  • Day care enter
  • Research in Autism