The Statute of Iran Autism Association

Chapter one: Objectives and Overview

Article number 1:
The complete name of the association is “Iran Autism Association” which is called Association Briefly.

Article number 2:
The type of association’s activity is charitable activity which is beneficial for public and its charitable aspect is done according to Charities role.

Article number 3:
The association’s area of activity includes nationwide.

Article number 4:
Address: 3rd floor, No.8, Mojahed Kabir Street, East Laleh Bolivar, South Sattari Highway, Tehran, Iran.
It is allowed to establish other branches in or out of the country after it received legal certification.

Article number 5:
The association has Republic of Iran nationality and its members has this nationality too.

Article number 6:
The association’s activity period is unlimited since it has established.

Article number 7:
The association’s wealth is 1 million Toman ( 270.270 USD ) and is paid by founding board to Iran autism association.

Article number 8:
Founding board just was created for first steps of establishment then it has no responsible as the place of founder.

Article number 9:

Association’s Objectives, which include financial and spiritual supporting for people with autism and their families by taking steps toward their acceptance in society which includes:
1- Increasing public and professional awareness about autism spectrum syndrome.
2- Diagnosing the factors which create ASD.
3- Offering Supportive, medical, consultative and social services to the target group (society, parents, care persons, professionals and children).
4- Offering rehabilitation services, publications, selling educational and educational assistance products. (benefited by the association)
5- Production, arrangement and translation of educational and scientific texts after receiving its permission from related authorities.
6- Holding internal and external training workshops and seminars for target group.
7- Implementing research activities in order to achieve association’s goals.
8- Creating professional website
9- Publication of leaflet, books, production of all types of media in international language.
10- Establishing centers for offering professional services.

11- Holding celebrities, charity bazaar and exhibitions and also celebrating national and international occasions in order to achieve association’s goals.
12- Cooperation with all governmental and non-governmental identities in order to achieve association’s goals.
13- Establishing daily training and rehabilitating centers for pervasive developmental disorders with the permission of the authorities.
14- Establishing comprehensive rehabilitation center in case of related instruction’s existence with the permission of the authorities.
15- Getting bank loans and interest-free loans and grants
16- Renting and mortgaging the prototype for getting bank loans and grants from international institutions.
17- Offering consultative phone services
18- Informing and increasing the public awareness about autism spectrum disorder.
19- Rehabilitating parents, expertise and individuals with autism.
20- Offering training, researching, supporting, social, cultural, health and consulting services to the target group

Reference Licensing approval with the activities mentioned in the goals and methods of implementation, is not related to the permission received from specific authorities for specific activities.

Chapter two: Structure

Article number 10:
Community foundations are:
1- General Assembly
2- Managing broad
3- Inspector

Article number 11:
General assembly’s duties are:
1- Performing primary activities for establishing the association.
2- Preparing and approving the statute.
3- Managing board members selection.
4- Selection of first managers and inspectors

Note 1: The accepted population of members needed to be recognized as formal general assembly is half of them plus one member for first time, and one third of members for second time.
Note 2: the general assembly’s decisions will be taken and noticed as formal decisions by the majority of two third of who votes besides the acceptance of licensing reference and specialized departments.

Article number 12:
Public assembly includes the members of the board of trustees and is the supreme decision-making authority that may come together normally or in emergency situations.
The number of members of the board of trustees are 21 individuals.
Note 1: the qualifying and dismissal condition of the board of trustees
The qualifying and dismissal of the members of the board of trustees is the responsibility of the council composed of association’s founders includes:

  •  Dr. Cheraqchi
  •  Dr. Joqataii
  •  Dr. Shafeqati
  •  Dr.Hajati
  •  Saeide Saleh Qaffari

Note 2: the participants of the board of trustees include 6 individuals of donors, well-knowns and influential people, 5 individuals of expertise, 2 individuals of therapists and 6 individuals of parents who have children with autism.

Article number 13:
The board of trustees would choose an eligible and trusted member if one of current members died, isolated, migrated or quitted by the majority of votes.

Article number 14:
The gathering of the board of trustees occurs once a year on October. This will be formally by the participation of the half plus one of members for the first time and with no limitation of the numbers of participated members for the second time.
Note 1: majority of whole public convention which is needed for making decision is half plus one of all members who are existing in meeting though in placing manager or inspectors which are chosen with relating the majority would not achieve it will happen at least 10 days after the first one and it would be accepted with any members who are ready.
Note 2: Trustees convention may have an urgent gathering at any time by requests of any members of the board or inspector or one fifth of trustees convention while boards or inspector in 20 days if they do not hand in the gathering.
Note 3: invitation for public convention is taking place via written or sending text messages within 40 to 10 days before the meeting.
Note 4: Hamshahri is the accepted paper for publishing the advertisements of convertion.

Article number 15:
Responsibilities of board of trustees:
– Selection of members of managing board and inspectors (main and alternative members).
– Consideration to the report of managing board and inspector(s).
– Determination of association’s policy.
– Assessment and approval or disapproval the suggestions of board of trustees and internal regulations
– The selection of successor member of the board of trustees.
– The approval of balance sheet and budget
– The selection of publications for advertisements and invitations.
– Isolation of members of board of trustees and inspectors.
– Transfer of movable and immovable property.

Article number 16:
The emergency board of trustees will gather together under the below circumstances:
1- By the request of the majority of managing board’s members or inspectors.
2- By the request of a fifth of the board of trustees’ members.

Note 1: The invitation for emergency board of trustees is in written form and will be sent 10 days sooner,
Note 2: The accepted majority for holding this meeting is the same as in usual circumstances for first time and for second time the presence of a third of the members is required.
Note 3: the decisions will be accredited by the vote of two third of members.

Article number 17:
The responsibilities of the emergency board of trustees:
– The approval of the changes in the statute.
– The assessment and approval about the association’s breakdown.
– Change in the amount of investment.
– Break down before the deadline
– Any change in the sort of association.

Article number 18:
The board of trustees meeting will be directed by a head board includes a boss, a secretory and two spectators.
Note 1: the members of the head board should not be included by the participants of managing boards and inspectors. They should be present in the board of trustees and by announcing their approval of being a candidate.
Note 2: the head of the managing board would be the head of the head board and they would not be the same in the case of isolation or selection of the head of the managing board.

Article number 19:
The managing board
Association’s members of the managing board include 5 main members and 2 alternative members.
Note 1: the meetings of the managing board will become official by the presence of more than half of the managing board’s members and the decisions will be accredited by the vote of the majority of the presence members.
Note 2: take part in the managing board’s meetings is essential and if they would be absent for 2 or 3 times without any notice of acceptable excuses, it is considered as their resignation.
Note 3: the member’s invitations will be done in form of written or sending sms, 15 days before.
Note 4: Qualifying conditions of managing board
1- The least acceptable BA
2- Commitment to the association’s statute.
3- The members who are chose from the relatives of the individual with autism must be Mother or father.

Note 5: The qualification of the mentioned circumstances will be done by the managing board and the inspectors. The resolving reference would be the board of trustees if there would be any disagreements.
Note 6: the composition of members includes one of parents, two persons of expertise, one person who is familiar to the administrative affairs and the last person by free choice.

Article number 20:
In the circumstance of any member’s death, reassignment or isolation. the managing board or the inspectors will continue their activity by the participation of alternatives members.
If the number of managing board ‘s members or inspector’s members lessens that it should be, and could not be compensate by alternative members, the meeting of board of trustees will be held with the participation of left members at any circumstance.

Article number 21:
The managing board holds its meetings once a month regularly and its emergency meetings by written invitation or sending sms from Head or CEO.
Note: how the emergency meetings held, will be approved by the managing board.

Article number 22:
The head, its deputy and a treasurer of the managing board will be chosen by its members at first meeting also their responsibilities and its limitations will be specified according to the statute or the regulations approved by the board of trustees too.
Note 1: The managing board is able to isolate any of mentioned positions.
Note 2: the managing board can define other positions too.

Article number 23:
the managing board is chosen just for 2 years and there is no limitation if they will be chosen for next periods. The managing board have to invite the board of trustees for their election, 3 months before the end of its tenure.
The managing board should transfer the acceptance of the board of trustees on the order and time of holding that session to the related referral before advertisement publishing. They also should inform the related referral on the result of the election 10 days before the end of tenure.

Article number 24:
The managing board responsibilities as the association’s representative include:
– Preservation of movable and immovable property
– Handle the accounts
– Paying debts and collecting the demands
– Implementing the approved items of board of trustees
– Opening bank accounts by doing legal formalities
– The pursuit of judicial, administrative and registration proceedings at every logical steps in courts
– The election of ruling and lawyer and its isolation.
– The claims reconcile by compromise and allocating some of the authorities to other natural or legal persons by with the right of substitution according to the statute if necessary.
– the managing board can consider any action and deal as an important as recognized by them.
– Generally, the managing board could take any action and deals that are necessary about transition of movable property that requires an approval of board of trustees convention just after society approval in name of association.

Note 1: pursuant to the provisions of this statute, except on issues that take decisions and take action on them are the responsibilities of the board of trustees, the managing board have the authority of managing the affairs according to statute’s objectives.
Note 2: managing board can do deals and pay the costs up to 10 million rial, without the conformation of board of trustees convention.

Article number 25:
The board of trustees convention can choose an individual as main inspector in theplace of alternative inspector for a year.

Article number 26:
The managing board can choose an individual as CEO beside its income, authorities limitation and work duration.
Note: the CEO and the head of managing board cannot be the same, except with the approval of three-fourths of the presence members of the board of trustees convention.

Article number 27:
The inspector is able to do any scrutiny and evaluation at any time about the associations activities and ask for its documents and an emergency meeting with the board of trustees.

Article number 28:
The managing board and the inspectors will stay on their position until their
Substitute are chosen.

Article number 29:
The individuals mentioned below cannot be chosen as inspectors:

  • Individuals who did crime and were deprived of society rights according the court verdict.
  • The heads and CEOs
  • The heads and CEOs relatives
  • Their spouses

Note: there is no limitation for inspector’s reelection.

Article number 30:
The inspector’s responsibilities:
– Evaluating all documents, financial papers and preparing a report for the board of trustees’ convention.
– Studying the annual report of the managing board includes financial and non-financial besides preparing a report for informing the board of trustees convention.
– Reporting any breach of the provisions of the Statute to the board of trustees convention.
– Commenting on the accuracy of Assets, receivables, performance and any information given from managing board and heads to the board of trustees convention.
– Other responsibilities have been put in charge of inspectors by the statute and laws.

Note: the inspector can participate the managing board meeting without have the right to vote.

Article number 31:
The CEO is the chief executive and is the representative of the association who has been delegated authority level by the statute and the managing board and has the signed right.
Note 1: the CEO’s dismissal is at the discretion of the managing board that should be documented and reasonable.
Note 2: if the CEO is a member of the managing board, the length of his managing status will not be more than the length of his membership and his reelection has no limitation according to the statute.
Note 3: all documents includes worthy documents, obligatory and other documents are accredited by the sign of CEO and treasurer and incase of unavailability of the treasurer it can be done by the sign of the head of the managing board and the association’s stamp.

Article number 32:
The CEO is the executor of the decisions of both the board of trustees convention and the managing board also has the followed authorities and responsibilities.
1- The legal representative at official references and against real and legal persons.
2- Employment and dismissal of the staffs according to the roles and decisions with the managing board’s approval.
3- Preserving the assets, accounts and documents
4- Implementing the authorities which is delegated by the managing board.
5- Offering the necessary suggestions to managing board to be represented to the board of trustees convention for improvement and coordination in association’s activities.
6- Preparing the draft of balance sheet, budget, Policy and annual report for managing board evaluation and representing to the board of trustees convention.
7- Preparing the needed regulation draft for decision making in managing board.
8- Take the control and coordination in offices and branches activities.
9- Ask for emergency board of trustees convention meeting by noticing the acceptable reasons for the managing board.
10- Implementing other responsibilities have been put in charge of CEO according to the statute and related roles.

Article number 33:
The CEO’s compensation and Benefits are defined by the managing board.
The CEO can participate the managing board meetings without right to vote if he is not a member of the managing board.

Article number 34:
The CEO’s mission duration will not be more than The managing board’s mission duration. CEO can be chosen or elected again without any limitation but he is responsible to do his duties till his substitute be chosen.

Chapter Three: Budget and other sources

Article number 35:
the provision of association budget is done according to:
– Gift and contribution from real and legal persons includes internally or externally, governmental or non-governmental.
– Islamic tax and devotions
– The income of associations activities in the framework of the objectives and the Statutes and Regulations.

Article number 36:
The income and expenditure of the association will be recorded and its report will be presented to authorities two months before the end of fiscal year.
Note 1: the managing board is responsible for spending all the annual net income for the association’s objectives and if the income is more than its usual, it will be left in another special bank account in the name of the association.
Note 2: The association’s fiscal year is according to the Iranian year and will be end at the of October except the first fiscal year that was started from the establishment till the end of march.
Note 3: the official correspondence should be signed by CEO.
Note 4: all the documents and correspondence are kept in office center.
Note 5: approvals and proceedings of the managing board’s meetings are recorded in special notebooks according to date with the all related authorities.

Article number 37:
The managing board is responsible to inform the license activity reference about any changes or corrections, if they approve the changes, the managing board should get the approval of the board of trustees convention then bring the result to the license activity referral for administrative formalities of registration.

Article number 38:
The managing board is responsible to inform the license activity reference about the place of association and its future changes.

Article number 39:
The association should have header, stamp or special logo and a text which its writing is approved by the managing board according to the rules besides sending the sample of them to the mentioned reference.
Note: managing board is highly responsible for saving and securing the logo and stamp

Article number 40:
Association’s dissolution: if the association dissolute, the emergency board of trustees convention will create a board of three members which is called settlement board who are responsible for receiving all demands, paying all debts, specifying all the movable and immovable assets and get the related approval from the emergency board of trustees convention then present the result to the license activity reference.
Note 1: the emergency board of trustees convention should delegate all its assets to another association with similar field of activity.
Note 2: the settlement of affairs will be done according to the statute and laws.
Note 3: the settlement board choses a head between themselves
Note 4: The head of settlement board has to give a copy of settlement report to licensing reference.
Note5: all the association’s founders are not allowed to withdrawal from the contributions, gifts and cash or non-cash receiving. All assets should be transferred to other associations or welfares or a governmental organization or other charities or public beneficial institutes.

Article number 41:
If some of associations objectives need special permission, the association is responsible to achieve them.

Article number 42:
Other items which are not predicted in this statute will be done according to other NGOs.